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How To Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers- Know The Steps!



How To Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers

Not sure if you can charge your Nintendo Switch controllers or not? In case you’ve discovered that charging the Joy-Cons isn’t immediately clear, we’ve got all the info you need right here!

There are a number of ways in which the Nintendo Switch stands out from other leading gaming systems. To begin with, the Switch can be used as a portable handheld device, reminiscent of the GameBoy from our youth, or it can be connected to a television set like any other gaming system. This is a much-appreciated option for gamers.

The Joy-Con controllers that come with your Nintendo Switch console are unlike anything you’ve used before, especially given that they can be detached from the system and used either as two smaller controllers or as one large one. Once again, the player is given agency over the decision. Keep reading to find out how to charge Nintendo Switch controllers!

Ways To Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers

1. The First Method

Connecting the Joy-Con controllers to the Nintendo Switch console while the system is plugged into the AC power adapter that comes included with the console is the quickest and most convenient way to charge the controllers.

You can accomplish this by storing the console in its dock when you’re not using it (as shown in the image on the right), or by directly connecting the Switch to a power source when you want to use the built-in screen for game play on the Switch (as pictured below).

  1. Connect the Joy-Con controllers to the sides of the Switch until you hear a click. As soon as they are linked, you’ll get a message letting you know.
  2. Connect the Switch to an electrical source through its dock or AC adapter. Use the dock or insert the adaptor into the Switch’s USB-C connector on the underside.
  3. Press the top-mounted power button to put your Nintendo Switch into “sleep” mode. In the event that the Switch is entirely shut off, the Joy-Con controllers will stop charging.
  4. Hold On! According to Nintendo’s calculations, the Joy-Con controllers’ full charge will take roughly 3.5 hours. You may check the battery life of your Joy-Con controllers by selecting the symbol for them in the Switch’s main menu.

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2. With A Charging Dock

If you want to charge the Pro Controller without using the Switch dock, you can also use the Nyko Charge Block Pro for Nintendo Switch, which has a low-profile design that allows it to fit anywhere and uses a patented dongle system that is attached to a USB Type-C port on your controller.

How To Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers

If you want to learn more, check out our in-depth review of the Nyko Charge Block Pro for Nintendo Switch.

  1. Connect the provided cable to the USB connection on the Switch dock to charge the Joy-Con controllers.
  2. With the red lights on top, insert up to four Joy-Con controllers into the dock. When the lights on the controllers turn green, they are fully charged.

3. While Playing

If you want to play on the television while the Joy-Con controllers are charging, you’ll need to get the Joy-Con Charging Grip. It’s shaped identically to the standard Joy-Con Grip, but can connect to your Switch dock to continue charging the controllers while they’re in use

  1. Plug the AC adapter into an outlet that is close enough to where you plan to play and then connect the Switch’s USB-C port to the adapter’s USB-A end.
  2. Putting the Joy-Con controllers together is the second stage. The Joy-Con controllers can stay powered up alongside the Switch.

4. Knowing About Third-Party Controllers

There is a wide selection of wireless third-party controllers available for the Switch, and many of these controllers use a number of different charging techniques. Instead of relying on a charger, the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller, which is one of our top picks for an alternative to the Pro Controller, operates off on the power of two AA batteries.

How To Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers

8Bitdo controllers can be charged using a variety of USB connectors. The most recent SN30 can be charged using a microUSB cable, while the more powerful SN30 Pro uses the same USB-C cable that is used to connect to the Pro Controller.

Be sure to keep an eye out for these different forms of connection while you are shopping for a third-party pad, and always remember to keep your controller connected to a charger when it is not in use.

Are Nintendo Switch Controllers Better Or Joy-Cons

The Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch is a more conventional gamepad that has been styled to resemble and function in a manner analogous to that of an Xbox or PlayStation controller.

A USB-C port is used for charging, and it has a grip that is considerably more comfortable for adult players. It boasts outstanding battery life, can detect amiibo, and is suitable for intense single-player or competitive multiplayer gaming sessions.

The Joy-Con can function as a controller in its own right when used by itself. However, its primary selling point is its adaptability, as it can be used in one of three different configurations: as a conventional controller that is held in the grip, as attached controllers that flank each side of the Nintendo Switch, or as a controller that can be turned on its side and used independently when playing with other people.

On its own, the Pro Controller is a tremendous improvement, but it is incompatible with a number of popular multiplayer games.

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