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How To Delete Game Pigeon- Know All The Steps



How To Delete Game Pigeon- Know All The Steps

With the release of iOS 10, Apple stated that iOS users would be able to play games with their social circle including friends right in the iMessage app on your iPhone, capitalizing on the popularity of social games.

GamePigeon is one of many games that sprung up as a result of this phenomenon, all of which are exclusive to Apple’s iMessage program. Those who have completed the game are complaining that they cannot remove GamePigeon from their iPhones.

This is what you hear:

To paraphrase one user: “I tried deleting Game Pigeon on the newest version of iOS, but none of the tips I saw online worked.

Steps To Delete Game Pigeon – 2022 Edition

Learn how to uninstall Gamepigeon below. Keep in mind that before you may delete the app from your favorites, you must follow the procedures indicated in the following section.

How To Delete Game Pigeon
  1. To access iMessage, open your device’s app drawer.
  2. To send a message, either choose the person from your address book or use the “New Message” button.
  3. Move the Horizontal App Drawer to the far left by swiping it left.
  4. Select the “More” option once you are there.
  5. With a left swipe on Game Pigeon (or any other app) in the “MORE APPS” area, you can uninstall it from iMessage.
  6. It’s also possible to use the “Edit” option to remove Game Pigeon. Instead of swiping left, you’d have to use the “off” button to disable the apps.

How Can You Hide Game Pigeon From iMessage App?

  • Navigate to the iMessage app on your iOS devices, such as an iPhone or iPad.
  • Find any contact with whom you have had previous conversations or message exchanges. You also have the option to select “New Message.”
  • Under the text bar, you should be able to view a number of different programs.
  • Put your finger down on the Horizontal App Drawer, and then slide it all the way to the left side of the screen.
  • You need to select the “More” option that should be available to you.
  • Swiping to the left now allows you to remove Game Pigeon from the “FAVORITES” section of the app.
  • It is important to keep in mind that you may achieve the same effects by utilizing the “Edit” button, which can be found in the top right hand corner of the screen of your smartphone. The only difference is that you have to toggle between the two options rather than swipe between them.

How To Play Game Pigeon On Your Device?

  • You will be able to try out GamePigeon in iMessage once the installation has been finished and has been determined to have been effective.
  • As was said earlier, Game Pigeon provides a selection of different online multiplayer games that are compatible with Apple iOS devices.
  • Access the iMessage app on your iOS device by following the appropriate steps.
  • Find the person with whom you wish to play the game and get in touch with them.
  • You can find the symbol for Game Pigeon in the Horizontal App Drawer that is situated at the very bottom of the display.
  • Following that, select a game from the list of available options, and then click the “Send” button.
  • Now, an invitation to participate in the game will be sent to the contact that you chose.

Can You Reinstall Game Pigeon After Deleting It?

Do you still have a strong desire to play multiplayer games on the iMessage app despite having Game Pigeon uninstalled? No, worries. You are free to reinstall Game Pigeon whenever you choose on either your iPhone or iPad.

In point of fact, rather than heading to the App Store, here is a quicker approach to the installation process that you can take.

How To Delete Game Pigeon
  • Navigate to the iMessage app on your device and look for the Horizontal App Drawer at the bottom of the screen. This is the same location where you used to find the icon for Game Pigeon, which included all of those wonderful games.
  • Locate the icon for the App Store and then tap on it. This will take you to the iMessage section of the App Store.
  • Choose the option that says Free.
  • In most cases, Game Pigeon may be found at the very top of the Free Section.
  • You will not see the “Get” option since you have already installed the programme; rather, you will see a download icon in the form of a cloud with an arrow pointing down from it. Simply tapping on it will start the installation process.
  • You could also go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and search for “Game Pigeon” to find it there and download it that way.

In either case, the outcome will be satisfactory. After you have finished installing the application on your iOS device, you can go to the iMessage app to take part in some exciting multiplayer games with the people in your address book.

The Ending Statement

GamePigeon is one of the games that can be found in iMessage apps for iPhone and iPad users. These apps make it possible for users to participate in multiplayer games while still within the app itself. When Family Sharing is turned on, up to six members of a family can use this app at the same time.

You are able to add GamePigeon to your list of favorites on your iOS device if you have previously installed and found enjoyment in using the app. Launch the iMessage App Drawer to accomplish this. Then you need to tap “Edit” and then the plus sign that is located next to Game Pigeon.

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