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How To Get Siri To Swear- Know All The Steps



How To Get Siri To Swear- Know All The Steps

How to Get Siri to Curse? Siri, the virtual assistant built into Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad, is widely regarded as the greatest of its kind. Siri is the most convenient assistant since it allows you to accomplish any task with one hand free.

Just tell Siri what you want and it will happen. Just tell Siri, “Hey, play some music,” and she will. Nonetheless, there are some interesting tidbits regarding Siri, such as the fact that you can instruct Siri to swear or use foul language.

Apple customers learn how to teach Siri foul language. Simple commands will have Siri swearing at us in no time. People who have been on their phones for a while and are looking for a way to kill time by asking silly inquiries to Siri are not alone. How AI can swear at us or become angry is shocking. You will find out how to make Siri curse through different methods.

1. Remember Your Mother

Asking Siri, “Hey Siri, can you define a mother?” will result in an expletive from Siri. The conventional explanation is provided, and then Siri asks, “would, you like to hear another definition of this word?” When we reply yes, she then gives us the shocking information that “as nous,” the shortened form of “motherfucker,” is Siri’s preferred definition.

It has been verified by a large number of people around the world that Siri always gives the same response when asked to provide a second definition.
While it’s easy to laugh at the thought of Siri being caustic and swearing at you, this is not the reality.

How To Get Siri To Swear- Know All The Steps

Siri seems to consult the Oxford Dictionary when asked to define a word. Mother is defined twice in the dictionary; the slang term “motherf*cker” refers to the second meaning.

Siri being weary of your questioning may make you chuckle, but whether or not Apple took this opportunity to sneak some profanity into its assistant app remains unknown.

It seems that when we ask Siri to explain a word’s meaning, the iPhone consults the Oxford Dictionary. However, you may find any slang or swear word you need in the respected Oxford Dictionary. Whether you ask Siri to read motherfucker or any other slang phrase, she will do so without hesitation. Simply put, Siri only gives you the data Siri has.

2. Change Your Name to an Expletive-Filled String of Letters and Numbers

If you curse at Siri, she won’t answer with an f-bomb, but she will call you whatever you tell her to call you. Siri is very obedient in this regard. Therefore, if you were to replace your name with something like “Mr. Dickfuck Shitlicker Damnbitch Asshole,” that is what she would call you.

Ask Siri for your name before the expletive is added, and then tap the white address card to finish. This will be the simplest and least complicated method to accomplish it. Fill in your own insults in the first name area, and then listen as she hurls insults at you. I just adore it when you make filthy jokes, darling.

3. Text An Insulting Message To Yourself And See What Happens

Siri’s ability to read aloud your text messages is one of the characteristics that make it one of the most helpful aspects of the app. You have a pretty good idea where this is headed, don’t you?

Use the phone of a friend to see how many cuss words you can cram into the allotted space of 160 characters. You might also text yourself using Google Voice if you prefer to keep the excitement all to yourself.

4. Perform A Song Whose Title Contains An Offensive Word Or Phrase

The song “Fuck You” by Cee-Lo. The song “Fuck You” by Lily Allen. It’s too drunk for Dead Kennedy to fuck now. Fuck Tha Police is a song by NWA. The character Uncle Fucka from South Park.

The song “I Wanna Fuck You” by Akon. The Fucker for the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Reality is Being Suffocated for the Victim. The insult comic “Cats Are Cunts” by Triumph the Insult Dog. And the items on the list continue. If you ask Siri to play (music title), she will recite the song’s title before playing the song itself.

Can Siri Get Upset- Get To Know How To Upset Siri

Asking Siri specific inquiries is the surest way to get her worked up. This isn’t a complete list of the kinds of queries you can ask Siri, but it does include the ones to which it prefers not to respond. It’s also important to remember that Siri has numerous responses to many of them, so it’s beneficial to ask them at odd times. If you really want to piss off Siri, try asking for one of these phrases:

How To Get Siri To Swear- Know All The Steps
  • Using Siri, ask, ” are you married to someone?” Siri will reply sarcastically, “Yes, married to its work.”
  • Alternatively, you can ask Siri, “Hey Siri, will you marry me?”, to which Siri’s caustic response, “I don’t know you, and you also don’t know me adequately,” will play.
  • After this update, Siri will respond, “I’m in the ninth dimension with 45980 years” when asked about her age.
  • Try this: “Hey Siri, you have a sister? ” to get Siri talking about the family home.
  • Siri’s response, “I have you; that’s enough from me like family,” is mind-blowing.
  • Feel free to inquire about anything, from the existence of God to the impending end of the planet. I can’t answer it since I don’t know, Siri says.

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