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How To Unlock Samsung Phone, If You Forgot Password (2022 Edition)



How To Unlock Samsung Phone, If You Forgot Password (2022 Edition)

The majority of you use some sort of security measure—password, pin, or pattern—to ensure that no one else may use your phone or access the information stored there. However, similar to the above user, you will be unable to access your own Android device if you forget the password.

When this occurs, one of the common solutions is to perform a factory reset. However, doing so will result in the deletion of everything stored on your phone. If that’s the case, you might be wondering, “How can I get into my phone without resetting the lock screen?” Here are effective methods that will show you how to unlock an Android phone, either temporarily or permanently. Because of this, unlocking a phone is a breeze.

Steps To Unlock Samsung Phone, If You Forgot Password, Without Losing The Data

Through DroidKit

How To Unlock Samsung Phone, If You Forgot Password
  1. Download DroidKit and install it on your laptop.
  2. Start the program up and select Screen Unlocker from the menu.
  3. Start the unlocking procedure by plugging your Android device onto a computer using a USB cord. Please be aware that if the screen lock is successfully removed, all data on the device will be deleted.
  4. DroidKit will automatically generate the configuration file after the connection is made. Click the “Remove Now” option when you’re ready to proceed with the removal.
  5. Your device’s brand can be determined via DroidKit. To delete the password from a Samsung device, for instance, just follow the on-screen prompts.
  6. Once that’s done, DroidKit will instantly begin the unlocking procedure. Hold on a sec… the Screen Lock Removal Completed page will load below.

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Using Dr.Fone

Do you still have questions about how to proceed? In the following steps, I will show you how to unlock your Samsung:

Step 1: Download Dr.Fone

You will be able to unlock all of the passwords, pins, and pattern locks on your device with the assistance of this unusual Android lock screen tool. To initiate the procedure, you will only need to connect your device and then click the Start button.

Step 2: Turn on your smartphone and make sure that it is in Download Mode.

Put yourself in download mode. To accomplish this, simply enter your Samsung smartphone into Download Mode by adhering to the straightforward instructions provided.

  1. Put your Samsung smartphone into the power off position.
  2. At the same time, simultaneously press the button labelled “home,” the button labelled “volume down,” and the power button.
  3. To begin downloading, enter download mode by pressing the Volume Up button.
    Step 3: Simply click the download button to begin the recovery package download.

When your device enters the download mode, it will immediately begin the process of downloading the recovery package. You are required to hold off until it is finished in its entirety.

Step 4: Delete the lock screen from your Samsung handset without erasing any of your data.

After the recovery download package has been completely installed, the lock screen of your Samsung Galaxy will no longer require a password. This procedure won’t affect any of the data stored on your device in any way. After finishing all of these steps, you will be able to regain complete access of your Samsung smartphone without having to input a password or pattern lock of any kind.

By Resetting Your Samsung Phone Through The Factory Reset

It is very typical for people to forget the password for the screen lock. One of the most reliable and speedy techniques available to unlock your Samsung mobile device is to do a hard reset. You can unlock the passwords, patterns, and PIN codes on your Samsung smartphone using a variety of methods.

These methods can also unlock any additional codes. To unlock your Samsung Galaxy cellphone, all you have to do is follow these straightforward steps in the order presented.

How To Unlock Samsung Phone, If You Forgot Password

If you find that your smartphone is sluggish, crashing frequently, and not responding properly, or if you have forgotten the password to your smartphone, then this solution is for you. You have the option of performing a speedy factory reset on your Samsung smartphone if you run into significant difficulties while attempting to retrieve your factory data or resetting possibilities.

To do a speedy reset to factory settings on your device, you need only implement one of the following solutions. However, this method will delete all of your data that is stored on the phone; therefore, you should not use this method if you do not have backups of your important data.

Using The Volume Buttons

There are a lot of folks who are having issues similar to “I lost the password to my Samsung Galaxy.” So, to be of assistance to you, please do what I say. After turning off the power to your Samsung smartphone, hit the Volume down key and the Volume up key simultaneously while holding them both down for a few seconds.

After this, keep holding down the power key until a test screen appears, which should take between 15 and 20 seconds on average. When you see the test screen, press the Volume down button to easily scroll through the options until you see the option to wipe data and factory reset, then hit the power key to select that option.

When you see the test screen, press the Volume up button to exit the test screen.

Using Home Key And Power Button

When your device is turned off, hold down the home key while pressing the power button. Once the Android recovery screen displays the home key, hit the volume up and down buttons simultaneously. Note that you must hold down both of these buttons simultaneously.

When you are on the screen for the Android recovery system, you need to let go of all the keys and then click the Volume down button in order to get to the option to delete all data and do a factory reset. When you are there, all you have to do is press the power button to finish the procedure.

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